Construction Dust CAMP IMAGE

Dust Monitoring

Aerosol monitors, commonly referred to as dust monitors, particulate monitors, light scattering laser photometers, and nephlometers, are used to measure dust, smoke, mist, fume, condensates, and fog.

Eco-Rental Solutions offers a wide range of portable and fixed systems to measure dust. 24/7 remote monitoring solutions including telemetry are available for real time monitoring.

The Importance of Monitoring Dust

Monitoring dust is important to make sure humans are not exposed to dangerous amounts of dust that can cause lung disease, asthma, and other respiratory diseases. Health and safety officers should monitor and determine how much workers have been exposed to protect them and the rest of the community.  

Air Quality Dust Monitor

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitors are a great solution for evaluating indoor air pollution. Coupled with good ventilation, our IAQs ensure healthy indoor air at all times. Eco-Rental Solutions rents a wide selection of dust monitors for IAQ.

High Volume Air Sampler

Eco-Rental Solutions offers a wide range of high volume samplers for monitoring EPA projects or a job site to monitor exposure to workers or the community.  

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