Rent Met One E-Bam Particulate Sampler

The Met One E-BAM has been built to satisfy users, regulators and those from the health community by providing truly accurate, precise, real time measurement of fine particulate matter automatically.  In addition, it is rugged, portable, battery operated, and deployable in 15 minutes.

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  • Accuracy and precision consistent with U.S. EPA requirements for Class III PM2.5 and PM10 measurement.
  • Real-time, accurate results without correction factors, regardless of season or geographic location.
  • True ambient sampling provides accurate measurement of semi-volatile nitrates and organic compounds.
  • Lightweight, rugged construction is easily mounted on a tripod in minutes.
  • All-weather construction allows for true ambient sampling.
  • Operates on AC or DC power.  Battery and Solar options available upon request.


Range 0 -65 mg per cubic meter
Accuracy 2.5 µg or 10% in 24 hour period
Measurement Cycle Hourly measurements with 1, 5, 10,15, or 30 min real-time averages
Beta Source C14, less than 75 microcurie, Half life of 5730 years
Detector Scintillation probe
Analog Output 0-1V, 0-2.5v, 0-5V, selectable hourly or real-time output
Filter Tape Continuous glass fiber filter
Inlet Compatible with EPA PM10 and PM2.5 inlets
Flow Rate: 16.7 liters per minute, adjustable
Enclosure 41 cm x 36 cm x 20 cm, 13kg

Specifications (PDF)

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