CAMP Enclosure with Telemetry TSI Dust Trak

The CAMP Enclosure with Telemetry is an easy to use, compact, perimeter monitoring setup. Utilizing the netronix thiamis ICU-820 for telemetry capabilities, the setup allows you to centralize all data to a website. In addition to your data the sysyem will monitor battery life. Available in different configurations to meet the needs of your project.

Additional Information

  • Up to 40 hours of operation from batteries
  • Can be deployed anywhere there is a cellular signal
  • Remote monitoring of dust and VOC’s
  • Integrated GPS with map and satellite display of location
  • E-mail notification can be sent when user defined thresholds have been exceeded
  • Community Air Monitoring Program
  • Perimeter Air Monitoring
  • Remote Air Monitoring
  • NYSDEC DER-10 Community Air Monitoring (NY)
  • SCAQMD Rule 1466 Compliant Sampling (CA)

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