Used Products

When you buy a used product from Eco-Rental Solutions, you can buy with confidence. Each product we sell has undergone a rigorous cleaning, testing, and recalibration process, giving you the closest-to-new product you can find on the market.

Current Used Product Inventory

ProductCondition/CommentsList PricePreviously Used Price
TSI AM-510 Personal Dust Monitor Excellent$4,645.00$1,995.00
Rae MiniRae 3000 PID Excellent$4,410.00$2,866.50
Omniguard 4 Differential Pressure Detector Excellent$1,630.00$1,059.50
Casella Tuff Pump Excellent$895.00$581.75
Rae Link 3 Portable Wireless Router New$2,550.00$1,657.50
YSI 6920 Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde Very Good$13,380.00$8,697.00
Myron 6P Multiparameter Water Quality Meter Very Good$1,012.50$658.13
Instantel Minimate Pro4 Excellent$7,245.00$4,709.25
Trimble GeoXH 6000 Excellent$8,280.00$5,382.00
Flir E-50 Thermal Camera Excellent$3,999.00$1,795.00