We strive to deliver the best service in the equipment rental industry. But don’t take our word for it! Take a look as some of the praise we’ve received from our clients recently.

Has someone on our team done an outstanding job? Have we exceeded your expectations as a full-service environmental equipment supplier? Send us a testimonial!

If you’re not familiar with Eco-Rental Solutions, they’re a great rental company that I’ve used on many projects. They have an office in Emeryville, are very convenient, and have consistently provided me with great rental assistance on my projects. Dave Burnett is a good person to contact with them, so if you need any rental assistance, let him know!

David S.

Project Manager, Oakland, CA

OMG!! You (and the rest of your team) are probably the most responsive I’ve ever worked with, especially when it comes to after hours and last-minute requests. You guys go above and beyond for me and I really do appreciate it! I recommend you guys to everyone. I don’t need a wide variety of items, but 99% of what I need you guys carry, which makes you my one-stop-shop! The two of you actually make the entire rental process not only easier but enjoyable. I definitely can’t say that for any of the other rental companies. I only use them when forced to do so anyway. 🙂 🙂 Thanks for all you do!!

Tamara R.

Project Manager, Northern California

I prefer to use Eco-Rental Solutions over any other rental company. Their products are in great condition, and they take care to ensure their equipment includes the manuals and additional pieces. They offer higher quality equipment with a price that’s competitive to other rental companies that use older models. On the rare occasion that I’ve received equipment that wasn’t working properly, the personnel I dealt with over the phone was very helpful and informative. They are also very flexible to meet the needs of their clients. For example, their policy is to send UPS return labels with the equipment; this makes returning equipment very simple! However, if you require FedEx shipping labels, they will send them to you upon request. They can also arrange to have equipment dropped off or picked up at a site, office, or hotel. The staff is friendly, helpful, and they’re very knowledgeable on their products. I’ve called looking for suggestions on what type of pump to use, and with specific questions regarding a water quality meter, and I’ve been pleased with their responses. The staff is also very prompt when responding to emails or phone calls, even after regular business hours. I use Eco-Rental Solutions as often as I can! They provide great quality equipment at a reasonable price, which helps to save time and budget on our projects.

Brie K.

Geologist, Upstate NY

This is exactly why we switched vendors! Thank you for going above and beyond to make sure our equipment is working!!!

Kara C.

Geologist, New York, NY

Thanks for the email. Everything with Eco-Rental has been great….quick delivery, great equipment, and awesome service. There was one slight hiccup but everything worked out and the guys in the St. Louis office were very helpful and professional with the issue.

Mark S.

Project Geologist, Indianapolis, IN

“I enjoyed working with Eco-Rental and hope to do much more in the future. The response from your staff was always top-notch, and I expect that we will have plenty more of your equipment in the field again once our work starts back up.”

George F.

Construction and Safety Manager, Central, NY

YOU ROCK Luke!!!!!! We can’t thank you enough for all of the great support you’ve given us on this set up and configuration. It’s been greatly appreciated and your timing is perfect. We had to go Live today. I’ll fix the alarm parameters to reflect the 15-minute TWAs.

Martin H.

Senior Chemist, Grand Rapids, MI

Thank you for following up. Everything was great with our rental. Is all your equipment that new or were you just trying to impress us?

Jeff B.

Senior VP, Environmental Services, Northern Ohio

I want to first thank everyone at Eco-Rental Solutions for always taking great care of not only me, but my co-workers, each and every time we have needed equipment. The folks out of the Eco-Rental Solutions office have always been able to send reliable equipment and supplies to me or find an office elsewhere to ship the equipment, even on short notice. They’re always happy to assist me whenever I order a piece of unfamiliar equipment.

I’ve worked in the environmental field for over 25 years, dealing with many environmental rental equipment companies — none of whom can compare to Eco-Rental Solutions. They go above and beyond other companies, and help me out when things didn’t go as planned in the field (due to unexpected things, not equipment issues). They have won my heart, and rate 1st with me. I plan on continuing to use Eco-Rental Solutions and refer them to co-workers and other environmental companies that I deal with as well. Again, I want to thank each and everyone involved with Eco-Rental Solutions.

Colleen H.

Project Manager, Northern California

Eco-Rental Solutions has been a great equipment rental company for us thus far. You guys are very speedy at getting back to us and getting equipment here, which really comes in handy when we have last minute field jobs or changes in the job scope. Your staff always clarifies the type of equipment we are looking for if you’re not sure, and asks us if we need something that usually goes with a specific type of equipment in case we forgot to ask for it. Your staff has always been very helpful and friendly. Overall, I have been very satisfied with your services thus far and would definitely recommend Eco-Rental Solutions to other members and offices of Arcadis.”

Frank M.

Geologist, Upstate NY

It’s been great working with you guys, you have great service and I’ve tried to tell as many people as I can about your St. Louis office. I definitely plan to use you moving forward!

Justin O.

Associate Geologist , Central Illinois

I was personally pleased with your CAMP and remote telemetry setup on a project I recently completed. I also like the condition that Eco-Rental Solutions equipment is received in. Charged, calibrated, clean — this especially for your PIDs and multimeters.

Sam T.

Environmental Engineer, New York, NY

I’m an environmental scientist at an engineering company in Chicago, IL, and have had a very positive experience with Eco-Rental Solutions. The staff is responsive, courteous, and knowledgeable. They have been able to respond quickly for our urgent equipment needs, train us on the use of new water quality monitoring equipment, and allow for flexibility when our projects take longer to complete than originally planned. Furthermore, Eco-Rental Solutions supplies and delivers many of the consumable supplies we need, from gloves to filters to buckets to drums, making it a one-stop shop. I hope to continue using Eco-Rental Solutions!

Environmental Scientist, Parsons Corporation, Chicago, IL

“Hi Damien,

Appreciated your time yesterday and as always I enjoy our face to face meetings. Please tell the team that they continue to do a GREAT JOB in the areas of performance excellence, FANTASTIC Customer Service, Technical assistance and availability and kindness. Great national team!”

Corporate EH&S Director, Chicago, IL

It’s been very helpful for us to have you guys on-board as a vendor. I have yet to receive any complaints from my field staff about the equipment provided by Eco-Rental Solutions. It’s a nice change, since I feel like every other day I had to call the other vendor about faulty equipment. The convenience/location factor is always a plus as well!

Kelly B.

Project Manager, New York, NY

What I like most about Eco-Rental Solutions is that your equipment is dependable, and I know I won’t have down-time or delays because of malfunctioning equipment. Another huge selling point is your convenient location and ability to pick-up/drop-off after hours.

Richard K.

Project Manager, Upstate NY

Whenever I deal with staff, whether on the phone or in person, I am always pleased with their friendly nature, willingness to “do whatever is needed”, ability to respond (i.e. with rental quotes) in a timely manner, and perhaps most importantly, the condition and reliability of every piece of equipment that I have used. Everything that I have rented is either new, or has been cared for and maintained in a manner that makes it seem brand new. This is a refreshing change from the “beat-up” nature that is sometimes expected with rental equipment from other rental companies. I don’t typically use the after-hours pick-up/drop off, but it is nice to have that option.

Karen Z.

Geologist, Upstate NY

All of my colleagues that have projects in the Bay Area (and especially toward the Oakland area) give Eco-Rental Solutions a call before anyone else.

Joe B.

Engineer, California Bay Area

We were very pleased with the service you all provided last time for the DO probes, and also the level sensors. You will definitely have us as a repeat customer as soon as the opportunity comes up.

James C.

Environmental Engineer, Cleveland, OH

The re-compete team received a glowing recommendation (highly recommended). I just wanted you to be aware that you are doing a great job … again!

Terry H

Purchasing Agent / Buyer, Denver, CO

“We use [Eco-Rental] for all of our equipment needs. Their service and response to client needs is superior and outstanding. We always recommended them.”

David R.

Senior Project Engineer, St. Louis, MO

I am writing this email to praise the support and quality of service I always receive with Eco-Rental Solutions. Your team routinely makes the entire rental process a pleasure.

I am writing this after I had a rude awakening with a competitor of yours during this last project. As you may recall, given the unusual timing of the holiday weekend work, I was forced to obtain an additional rental from the local office of a large environmental equipment vendor. The process was terrible. Part of the rental kit was missing, I never received any confirmation of the actual rental and despite my clear willingness to pay the bill for the rental, simply issuing an invoice took 8 phone calls with this other company. Thanks again for always making my life easy!

Project Manager, Tighe & Bond