PM-10 High Volume Air Sampler

Tisch Environmental TE-6070V Volumetric Flow controlled (VFC) PM10 Monitor in Ambient Air.

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Additional Information

  • Size selective inlet (<10 micron cut size)
  • Anodized aluminum shelter
  • 8″ x 10″ stainless steel filter holder with stagnation pressure tap
  • Blower motor assembly
  • Continuous flow/pressure recorder
  • Elapsed time indicator
  • 30″ water manometer
  • Volumetric flow controller with look-up table
  • Filter media holder/filter paper cartridge (8″ x 10″)
  • 7-day mechanical timer
  • 110v/60hz or 220v/50hz
  • Reference Method RFPS-0202-141

Flow rate: 40 cfm (1.13㎥) continuous

Flow control: VFC (TE-10557PM10)

Motor blower: 2-stage motor 1.0 hp 110v/60hz (TE-115923)

Water manometer: 30″ water manometer (TE-5030)

Flow indicator: Flow/pressure recorder (TE-5009) with charts (TE-106)

Timer: 7-day mechanical timer (TE-5007)

Elapsed time indicator device: Elapsed time indicator (TE-5012)

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