Rent Tisch High Volume PUF Air Sampler

PUF for Pesticide Particulate/Vapor Air Sampler: Complete with outdoor anodized aluminum PUF shelter, aluminum blower motor assembly, 4″ particulate/vapor sampling module, flow venturi calibration valve system, 0-100″ magnehelic gage, motor voltage control/elapsed time indicator, (10′ exhaust hose, and 7-day mechanical timer (110v/60hz or 220v/50hz)

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Tisch High Volume PUF Air Sampler Product Details

  • High Volume Air Sampling for Pesticide Particulate and Vapor
Flow Rate Control between 15-25 scfm
Filter Media 8″ x 10″ glass fiber filter (TE-G653)
Flow Control Mass flow controller (TE-300-310)
Blower Motor 2-stage vacuum moter: 110v/60hz (TE-116336)


Product Manual (PDF)
Specifications (PDF)

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