Thermo PDR-1000 Personal Aerosol Dust Monitor

The Thermo Scientific personal DataRAM PDR-1000AN Monitor is a passive sampling, light-scattering nephelometer that measures real-time mass concentrations of dust, smoke, mists, and fumes in industrial as well as other indoor and outdoor environments.

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Additional Information

  • Measure airborne particulate concentration in real-time
  • Highest measurement range of any real-time personal particulate monitor
  • Simple zeroing and calibration
  • No moving parts, silent operation
  • Compact, durable, and self-contained
Concentration Measurement Range0.001 to 400 mg/3 range (auto ranging)
Accuracy+/- 5% of reading +/- precision (traceable to SAE Fine Test Dust)
Resolution0.1% of reading or 0.001 mg/m3, whichever is larger
Particle Size Range of Max. Response0.1 to 10┬Ám nominal
Data Logging Averaging Periods1 second to 1 hour
Total # of Data Points Logged in Memory13,391
Serial InterfaceRS-232 / 4,800 baud
Weight18oz. (O.5kg)