Buy or Rent GCC Xitech 1060H High Vac Bag Sampler

For quick, clean sample collections of low ambient air and high vacuum VOC’s vapor collection, the Model 1060H, 1– or 2–Liter High Vac Bag Sampler can easily collect an air sample from an air stream under vacuum up to 22″ of mercury vacuum from high vac dual phase extraction systems. This sampler fills the sample bag the same way as the Model 1060 but has a much stronger vacuum pump and battery.


GCC Xitech 1060H High Vac Bag Sampler Product Details

Model 1060H, 1–or 2–Liter High Vac Bag Sampler Accepts 1– or 2–liter sampling bags 
See-through window 
Rechargeable battery 
Installed rotometer valve for coarse fill rate control 
Sample inlet: accepts any 1/4″ OD tubing 
Direct vacuum force: 297″ of H20 
Continuous running time: 8 hours 
Vacuum pump filling rate: .1-6.5L/min 
Vacuum gauge in inches of mercury 
Carrying strap and operation manual 
Size: 9 inches high x 7 inches deep x 10 inches long 
Weight: 9 pounds

Product Manual (PDF)

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