Ritron Quick Talk RQT Monitor

The Ritron QuickTalk™ RQT is an industrial-grade, radio transmitter with switch inputs and voice storage capability. It is compatible with virtually any other business-band 2-way radio, the radio can even be programmed to operate with radio repeaters.

Connect virtually any type of switch or sensor (up to 4) to the RQT switch input(s), and record a unique voice message for each of the 4 switches. When any of the switches change state your pre-recorded voice message will instantly be transmitted to all radio-equipped personnel. Each input can be programmed to transmit on a different frequency. For extended range use the optional RAM-1545 antenna. The RQT radio even works with radio repeaters.

The gasketed and sealed, polycarbonate enclosure offers built-in mounting flanges. The RQT radio can operate stand-alone on 6 AA batteries. It can also be powered externally by an optional 110V AC adaptor (# RPX-Expo).

The RQT is available with a 2Watt transmitter or a 120mWatt transmitter.

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Additional Information

  • Custom TX frequencies (MURS models cannot be programmed for custom frequencies)
  • Tone signaling encode CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, 3-7 tone Selcall
  • TX audio companding (allows compatibility with certain 2-way radios)
  • 4 independently programmed inputs
  • Analog or digital input operation
  • Event driven and/or scheduled transmission of input status
  • Preamble alert tone prior to transmitter voice message (selectable On/Off)
  • Unique, user recorded voice messages
  • Voice message recording via on-board microphone, or use pre-recorded .wav files (Ritron PN# 60201123 .wav required)
  • External power failure and low battery alert

RQT Range/Coverage Estimates:
120mWatt model – ¼ mile line-of-sight, no obstructions or 100,000sq. ft*. 2 Watt model – 1 mile line-of-sight, no obstructions or 200,000 sq ft.* *Range depends on building structure and topography.

Available frequency bands are:
VHF frequency band (150-165MHz) VHF License-Free MURS (5 pre-selected MURS) UHF frequency band (450-470MHz) The Quick Talk will operate for approximately 7,000 transmissions when operating on batteries. Sample duty cycle of 1 transmission (5 seconds in length) per hour, 24 hours per day, 5 days per week. Fewer transmissions will extend battery life.

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