Environmental Soil Sampling Kit

Hand auger kit includes a Stainless Steel Regular, Mud and Sand Auger plus an AMS Split core Sampler with slide hammer.

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Additional Information

AMS Environmental Soil Auger Kits are manufactured by AMS from all USA made materials. See separate AMS Technical Data Sheets for details on the Regular, Mud, Sand & Soil Augers, Split Core Sampler, Extensions, Cross Handles, Slide Hammer, and Liners. Crescent wrenches are made from chrome plated forged steel. The cleaning brush is made with stainless steel bristles, and twisted wire handle. The AMS Deluxe Case is molded from glass reinforced plastic with a lid gasket, lockable hasps and wheels.

Rapidly remove soils of all types, using the specially designed bits on the Regular, Mud, and Sand models.  The augers are all stainless steel construction with bits heat treated before sharpening.  The split core sampler features a heat threaded 400 series coring tip threaded to a 300 series split body and threaded end cap.   The sampler may be used with or without a retaining cylinder.  All attachment coupling are 5/8 inch NC threaded.