Heron Dipperlog Groundwater Level Meter

The Heron dipperLog is the answer to your long term groundwater level monitoring program. The dipperLog measures, records and charts groundwater levels and temperatures over long periods of time. The Heron dipperLog is a high resolution, accurate (0.05% F.S.) data logger available at an extremely economical price. The dipperLog has automatic barometric pressure and elevation compensation together with a recalibration facility that allows for changes in groundwater density. Water levels are reported as height of water above the transducer and depth of water below a local datum. Measurements may also be related to sea level once the reduced level of the datum is established. Recording intervals are selected by the user and can range from 1 second to 255 hours.

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Additional Information

  • Automatic elevation adjustment with short term static barometric compensation.
  • Long term automatic barometric compensation with the Heron barLog.
  • Real time reading of height of water and temperature.
  • Rapid real time reading (10 measurements / sec) with text and graphing.
  • Compatible with the Heron dipperWave wireless remote reading system.
  • Easy field recalibration.
  • Comprehensive data management system is incorporated into the program.
  • Long term groundwater level and temperature monitoring.
  • Short term pump and slug testing.
  • Tidal studies.
  • Monitoring dewatering projects.
  • Stream gauging, reservoir and lake levels.
  • Long term monitoring of open bodies of water, lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams.
  • Wet lands monitoring.
  • Pore water pressure measurements.

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