Geotech Geocontrol Pro Mini-Compressor

The ultra reliable mini-compressor inside allows you to sample from depths to 180 feet (55 M)!  No more lugging heavy, dirty, and noisy compressors into the field or those dangerous nitrogen cylinders.  The geocontrol PRO saves you time, saves your back and saves you money!

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Additional Information

  • Compact and Portable – 9 lb. (4 kg) controller can be shipped or back packed anywhere!
  • Controls all portable bladder pumps, dedicated bladder pumps, and most air lift pumps on the market today.
  • Built in high performance air compressor – Allows sampling from depths of 180 feet.
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection
  • Operates from a 12V DC car battery
  • Push/Pull tube fitting for easy tubing changes
  • Operates all bladder & air lift pumps
ApplicationsOperates all bladder & air lift pumps
Power Requirements12-14 Volts DC input @ 7.5 Amps
72-84 Watts usage
Min. Operating Pressure100 psi (6.8 bar) – self limited for safety
Max. Operating Depth180 feet (55 m)
TimerDischarge Time – 1.8 sec. min. 60 sec. max.
Fill Time – 1.8 sec. min. 60 sec. max.
Air/Out Fitting.25″ OD push/pull fitting
1/8″ FPT allows for connection to any fitting option
Dimensions6.70″ H x 4.80″ D x 11.40″ W
Weight9 lbs.

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