Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus Wireless Weather Station

A wireless weather station with a versatile sensor suite that combines our rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors and anemometer into one package. You can customize your Vantage Pro2 by adding consoles or the special-purpose options. Available in both wireless and cabled versions.

First and only weather station in its class to use frequency hopping spread spectrum radio technology to transmit weather data wirelessly up to 1000′ (300 m).

Includes Vantage Pro2 console/receiver, integrated sensor suite (ISS), and mounting hardware. ISS includes rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, anemometer, 40′ (12 m) anemometer cable, solar radiation sensor, UV sensor, sensor mounting shelf, and solar panel. Temperature and humidity sensors are enclosed in standard radiation shield.

ISS is solar powered. Electronic components are housed in a weather-resistant shelter. Console may be powered using the included AC-power adapter or with three C batteries (not included).

Wireless range is up to 1000′ (300 m) outdoors, line of sight. Typical range through walls under most conditions is 200′ to 400′ (60 to 120 m). Add wireless repeaters for distances up to 1.7 miles (2.7 km).

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Additional Information

Operating Temperature: -40° to +150°F (-40° to +65°C)

Non-operating Temperature: -40° to +158°F (-40° to +70°C)

Current Draw (ISS SIM only): 0.14 mA (average), 30 mA (peak) at 4 to 6 VDC

Solar Power Panel: 0.5 Watts (ISS SIM), plus 0.75 Watts (Fan-Aspirated)

Battery (ISS SIM /Fan-Aspirated): CR-123 3-Volt Lithium cell / 2 – 1.2 Volt NiCad C-cells

Battery Life (3-Volt Lithium cell): 8 months without sunlight – greater than 2 years depending on solar charging

Battery Life (NiCad C-cells): 1 year

Accessories are available from your dealer or may be ordered directly from Davis Instruments.

Envoys: Wireless Weather Envoy (#6316,) Envoy8X (#6318)

Performs many of the same functions as a Vantage Pro2 console, but without a display. Use an Envoy to interface your wireless station to a computer, freeing the display for use elsewhere. Weather Envoy can receive the same number and combinations of stations as a Vantage Pro2 console; Envoy8X can receive up to 8 stations in any combination and create a large database.

Sensor Mounting Shelf (#6673)

Required for mounting the optional Solar Radiation and/or UV sensors. The mounting shelf attaches to the base of the rain collector on the ISS.

Additional Vantage Pro2 (#6312) or Vantage Vue Console (#6351)

Enjoy weather information in several rooms.

USB-to-Serial (DB-9) Cable (#8434)

Allows the Serial version of WeatherLink (#6510SER, 6540, 6544, 6550, 6560) to connect to a USB port on your computer.

Telephone Modem Adapter (#6533)

Required when connecting station to an external phone modem.

Extension Cables (#7876)

Allows you to place the Cabled Vantage Pro2 ISS further away from the console using the extension cable provided by Davis Instruments. Maximum cable length is 1000’ feet (300 m).

• #7876-040 Cable, 40’ (12 m)

• #7876-100 Cable, 100’ (30 m)

• #7876-200 Cable, 200’ (61 m)