Thermo TVA1000B Toxic Vapor Analyzer

The Thermo Scientific TVA-1000B Toxic Vapor Analyzer is the only over- the shoulder portable vapor analyzer that offers both Flame Ionization Detection (FID) and Photo Ionization Detection (PID) in a single, easy-to-use instrument. A variety of organic vapors can be measured, by the FID, over a wide dynamic range (0-50,000 ppm), monitoring some compounds that PID will not detect. The FID operates by breaking hydrocarbon bonds and is not limited by a high ionization potential of the molecule. In addition, the FID is unaffected by ambient CO, CO2, or humidity leading to very stable measurements. With PID detection, the user can monitor for organic compounds and detect many inorganic compounds simultaneously. Some compounds detected by PID are ammonia, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride, formaldehyde and hydrogen sulfide. The PID also has the advantage of not requiring fuel or oxygen operate. Dual detection offers a single user interface, reduced weight of the unit, and elimination of the expense of purchasing and maintaining two separate analyzers. The TVA-1000B analyzer has optional equipment including: a standard probe,an enhanced probe, and the ThermoConnect software that enables users of the TVA-1000B instrument to transfer, display, analyze and configure data using a computer.

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Additional Information

  • Provides fast, accurate readings of organic and inorganic vapors in accordance with EPA Method 21 specifications for monitoring fugitive emissions
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Multiple response factors and curves
  • Multi-point calibration
  • On-board datalogging
  • 8-hour battery life
  • Bright and easy-to-read displays with large keypad for simple operation with or without gloves
  • Menu-driven operations; datalogging activated by a thumb-switch on handheld probe
  • Standard probe shows measurement values with units displayed on %, ppm, or ppb and bar with concentration level
  • Data can be downloaded to Windows*-based program using supplied software
  • Minimum Detectable Limit: 100ppb benzene (PID); 300ppb hexane (FID) (laboratory conditions)
  • Fuel: None required (PID); 99.995% hydrogen (FID)
  • Portable Operation Time: 8 hours (with reference operating conditions)
  • Fugitive emissions monitoring
  • Emergency response
  • Hazardous waste site evaluation
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Underground storage tank investigations
  • Natural gas leak detection

Safety Certifications: FM (Class 1, Div. 1, Groups A,B,C & D Hazardous Location, Temp. Class T4)
Datalogging: Onboard
Probe Display: Bar graph & 4-digit LCD (standard); 6 lines x 20 characters (enhanced)
Dynamic Range: 0.5-2,000 ppm (PID) isobutylene; 0.5-50,000 ppm (FID) methane
Linear Range: 0.5-500 ppm (PID) isobutylene; 0.5-10,000 ppm (FID) methane
Response Time: 3.5 seconds
Minimum Detectable Limit: 100 ppb benzene (PID); 300 ppb hexane (FID) (laboratory conditions)

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