Testo 350 Emission Analyzer

Whether you are testing for compliance or troubleshooting your combustion process, the new testo 350 has everything you need.  The ultra-rugged construction, coupled with a simple intuitive operation and innovative measurement technology, sets the new standard in emission testing and combustion analysis.

The Testo 350’s new exclusive sensor design, patented gas paths, active sample conditioning, advance data logging and reporting, work together seamlessly providing a lightweight and simple-to-use emission monitoring solution.

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Additional Information

  • Test up to six gases simultaneously, or swap sensors out for additional parameters: NOlow, COlow, SO2, H2S, CO2, CxHy
  • Innovative dilution systems for the widest testing ranges and greatest sensor protection: (CO to 400,000 ppm) (NO, NO2, SO2, H2S to five times the sensor range)
  • Advanced sample conditioning utilizes a thermoelectric chiller for moisture drop-out and a peristaltic hose pump for controlled water removal
  • Automatic flow-controlled pump with high strength sampling to over 50 feet away
  • Proven sample gas path with Teflon® lined hoses
  • Continuous temperature compensation for assured accuracy
  • Flow rate and sensor temperature moniitoring for US EPA CTM-030, -034 and ASTM D6522 requirements
  • User defined programs with onboard memory to 250,000 values
  • Integrated pressure measurement for draft, differential pressure, velocity and mass emission
  • AC and rechargeable battery operation with optional DC connection operation
  • Comprehensive calculations including Ocorrections for NOx, CO, and SO, mass measurement with pitot and stack dimension input
  • User defined O2 reference for EPA and state reporting
  • Engine Testing
  • Boiler and burner tuning
  • Turbine Testing
  • Industrial process testing
Operating temperature20 °F to 115 °F
Storage temperature-4 °F to 122 °F
Battery typeLi-ion
Battery life5 hrs. (without wireless connection)
Memory2 MB (250,000 measurement values)
Weight0.97 lbs.
Dimensions10 x 4.5 x 2.3 in.

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