Nebraska Awarded Nearly $1.3 Million in EPA Funding

Nebraska just got a major cash infusion from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In January, EPA Region 7 announced it had awarded nearly $1.3 million to fund critical public health and environmental projects in the state.

The money will be allocated across several state agencies to support preservation and modernization efforts that will help promote statewide goals regarding efforts to curb waste and pollution. Get the details on this award and other recent environmental initiatives in Nebraska.

Breakdown of Nearly EPA $1.3 Million Award

As noted above, several Nebraska state agencies will receive funding from the approximately $1.3 million EPA award. Here’s an overview of where the money is going:

Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ)

A $776,436 Performance Partnership Grant was awarded to the NDEQ to tackle air, clean water, hazardous and solid waste through various program activities, quality assurance initiatives, and by upholding a variety of environmentally-focused regional and national databases.


The Agency also received a $289,300 grant to support the oversight, monitoring, and cleanup of petroleum emissions from underground storage tanks.

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

A grant totaling $184,697 was awarded to the Agency to create and execute a Public Water System Supervision Program to properly enforce the regulations surrounding the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

A $14,700 award was given to the Agency to implement the Underground Injection Control Program.

Groundwater Foundation Receives $121,342 in EPA Funding

In August 2017, EPA Region 7 revealed it awarded a $121,342 environmental education grant to the Groundwater Foundation, a nonprofit organization located in Lincoln, Neb. The award included $30,342 in matching funds from the grantee.

The foundation received the funding for its project “Recharging Groundwater Education,” which is designed to get students interested in water-science and engineering fields. The project has three core focuses, including training teachers to encourage students to participate in problem-solving and critical-thinking initiatives to combat local environmental threats to the groundwater supply; making outdoor internships and stewardship projects available to high school students; and encouraging students to explore and pursue careers in these areas.

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