EPA Funds Grants For New Clean Air Projects in California

In January, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that it has awarded nearly $7.1 million in Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) grants to California, in an effort to reduce pollution from trucks, buses, agricultural equipment, and other large diesel emitters.

The DERA program is managed by the Agency’s West Coast Collaborative, a clean air public-private partnership that uses public and private funding to curb emissions from the most detrimental sources in communities in West Coast states and U.S. territories. Take a look at the where this grant money is going.

A Look at DERA Projects Funded by Nearly $7.1 Million EPA Awards in California

The EPA grants were made in support of these projects.

South Coast Air Quality Management District

Nearly $1.1 million was awarded to replace 10 trucks with newer models powered by engines certified to meet the optional low nitrogen oxide emission standard set by the California Air Resources Board.

City of Long Beach Harbor Department

An award of approximately $2.4 million will help fund a project to replace old marine vessel and cargo handling equipment engines with Tier 3 and all electric zero emissions engines running in the Port of Long Beach.

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District

Funding totaling around $1.2 million will help replace agricultural tractors and equipment running in the San Joaquin Valley. The Valley Air District also received almost $1.2 million to assist in the replacement of 52 old diesel-powered delivery trucks serving the region.

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

An award of $639,670 was made to help fund the replacement of an old diesel switcher locomotive with an innovative, cleaner Tier 4 locomotive in the San Francisco Bay Area.

California Air Resources Board (CARB)

A total of $573,305 was allocated to assist in the replacement of school buses operating throughout California.

About DERA

Part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the EPA awards DERA funds to eligible U.S. states and territories to support clean diesel grant, rebate, and loan programs. The State Clean Diesel Grant Program gets 30% of the annual DERA funding, and two-thirds of is allocated to participating states and territories as base funding for programs. The other third is awarded to states and territories that opt to provide a match equal to the base funding, serving as an incentive of sorts.

The remaining 70% of DERA funding is used for national competitive grants and rebates that fund projects using EPA or CARB verified or certified diesel emission reduction technologies.

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