Radiation – Ludlum 2241, Narda Units

Choosing the right radiation equipment can be a difficult decision. There’s many different instruments on the market, so you want to be sure to select the one designed to fit your unique needs and business demands.

4 Efficient Radiation Instruments

Use any of the following four radiation instruments for accurate and reliable results:

  • Ludlum 2241-2 RK Kit Digital Ratemeter: Whether you’re handling a radiological emergency or need a versatile tool for general radiological surveys, this instrument is fully equipped with a ready-to-go kit to fit your needs. Use it to measure alpha beta gamma contamination and exposure rate. It also features a high-sensitivity gamma probe for quickly finding sources and an auto-ranging digital ratemeter/scaler.
  • Narda ELT-400 Magnetic Field Meter: Health and safety professionals working in manufacturing, insurance, and the service industry can use this device to measure magnetic fields in the workplace and in public spaces. This instrument has the ability to simply and precisely record magnetic field level measurement in the low- and medium-range frequency. Its functionality is comparable to sound level meters frequently used in workplace noise assessment.
  • Narda NBM-520 Electromagnetic Field Meter: Regarded as the most accurate non-ionizing radiation survey system on the market, this device offers the most comprehensive frequency coverage of electric and magnetic fields. Probes are available for E-Field and H-Field measurements with a choice of either Flat (linear) response, or response shaped to international standards. This instrument offers a variety of attractive features, such as fully automatic zeroing, extra small and lightweight size, easy four button operation, and remote operation via Optical Link.
  • Narda NIM-511 Electromagnetic Field Meter: Designed to provide industrial plant managers and safety professionals with an accurate and affordable option for proving compliance with regulations that cover exposure to RF radiation, this instrument offers an easy-to-operate complete measurement system. It features a number of helpful attributes, such as its fast and reliable measurements, compatible with most industrial equipment, and a probe containing sensors to measure both the electric and magnetic field components of an electromagnetic wave.

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