Geotech ORS Interface Probe

The Geotech Interface Probe with ORS-Style Frame accurately measures depth to hydrocarbons and water in monitoring wells and tanks by using an optical prism to detect hydrocarbon layers as thin as 1/200’/1.52mm.

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Additional Information

  • Rugged, lightweight construction
    Packaged in NEMA 3, weather resistant, rugged aluminum housing. Includes wiper assembly to clean and reduce dirt and hydrocarbons from entering the reel assembly.
  • Dependable, highly accurate
    Measurements to depth of fluid are accurate to within 1/100′ (3.05mm). Can detect hydrocarbon layers as thin as 1/200′ (1.52mm).
  • Trigger-style brake lever
    Holds the tape in position while measurements
    are recorded
  • Industry standard reliability
    More than 7,000 units in use worldwide
  • Easy to use
    Each portable unit is calibrated and comes complete for immediate use
  • Grounding clip provided for anti-static safety
  • Automatic sleep function
    (Power Conservation Mode)
  • Field replaceable sensing prisms on standard and chemical probes
  • Made in USA
  • Rental units available
  • Chemically resistant probe available
  • Optional small diameter probe is only 5/8″
    in diameter

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