Proactive SS Monsoon Pump

The SS Monsoon® pump is capable of pumping up to 120 feet from ground level by simply connecting it to a 12 volt battery. Its reliable design is suitable for continuous purging of groundwater wells. Proactive’s Stainless Steel Pumps are patented for their unique design (#7584785). Simple to use and extremely powerful!

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Additional Information

  • Simple to use! Runs off any 12 volt DC batteries.
  • Lifts up to 120 feet deep from ground level to water level!
  • Reliable design is suitable for continuous sampling or purging of groundwater wells.
  • Low Flow Sample as low as 10 ML per minute, from any depth, when using the Low Flow with Power Booster 2 “LCD” Controller and Non-Return Check Valve (Sold Separately).
  • Easy to read LCD display conveniently placed on top of the Low Flow with Power Booster 2 “LCD” Controllermakes adjusting and reading the discharge rate a breeze!
  • Computer engineered bottom debris filter screen allows operation under harsh conditions with higher turbidity.
  • Long lasting, high performance pump motor lasts over 400 hours under normal working conditions.
  • Simple to clean and decontaminate!
  • The SS Monsoon® can operate under harsh conditions with higher turbidity.
  • The SS Monsoon® has been installed in hundreds of remediation sites using pump and treat systems.
  • The SS Monsoon® can also be used with solar panels for long term remediation sites!
Pumping Depth (DTW)
Gallons Per Minute

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