In-Situ AquaTroll 200

The Aqua TROLL 200 Data Logger measures and records water level, pressure, conductivity, and temperature. A unique conductivity cell design allows for a wide, accurate measurement range in a narrow diameter instrument. Titanium construction resists corrosion, ideal for coastal, remediation and mine water monitoring projects.

Available in pressure ranges up to 1153 ft (351 m) for vented configurations and 1120 ft (341 m) for non-vented configurations.

Other configurations and options available.  Please contact your local Eco-Rental Solutions representative for assistance.

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Additional Information

  • Vented (gauged) or non-vented (absolute) pressure measurement
  • Sub-1 inch diameter (.72 in; 1.83 cm)
  • All titanium electrodes and housing
  • Full range conductivity with optimum accuracy – 5 to 100,000 µS/cm
  • Dynamic density compensation for accurate pressure measurements
  • Flexible communication protocols (4-20 mA, SDI-12, RS-485)
  • NIST calibration report for guaranteed accuracy
  • Rugged Twist-lock cable (sold separately)
  • Aquifer characterization
  • Coastal deployments – tide/harbor levels, storm surge systems, and wetlands research
  • Construction and mine dewatering
  • River, lake, and reservoir monitoring
  • Stormwater management

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