Hach FH950 Portable Flow Meter

The lightweight, battery-powered FH950 Velocity Flow Meter was designed to provide accurate velocity measurements while simplifying the entire measurement process in rugged field environments. Multiple user-friendly features designed into the FH950 allow you to quickly and easily determine stream velocities for required discharge measurements, or use the FH950 to calibrate area velocity flow meters, or verify primary devices such as weirs and flumes.
The FH950 Velocity Meter simplifies set up, displays real time data and trend information, auto-calculates discharge volumes and eliminates the need for manual recording with its convenient USB to PC data download; with no moving parts, the sensor never requires mechanical maintenance.  The Hach FH950 replaces the Marsh Mcbirney Flo Mate 2000.
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Additional Information

  • Reduce man-hours 50%-the step-by-step user interface simplifies programming, delivers real time data, and downloads direct to PC-allowing a single person to take the readings and eliminating post site visit manual data transfer from log book to PC
  • Automatically calculates total discharge based on USGS and ISO methods-reduces time to manually calculate and likelihood of errors
  • Real-time velocity graphed on color display-visualize velocity trends quickly
  • Color graphic display guides user to the ideal depth measurement position
  • One of the lowest maintenance solutions on the market-electromagnetic velocity sensor with no moving parts never requires mechanical maintenance
  • Lightweight, rugged portable meter – only 1.5 pounds
  • Water resistant electronics
  • Rechargeable portable meter
  • Data Storage for up to 10 profiles (metering sites) with 32 stations (vertical profiles) per profile (site)
  • Easy-to-use, menu-driven interface display remains readable even in bright sunlight
  • Ideal for use in waters with organic matter; the magnetic inductive measurement principle is not negatively affected by these conditions like acoustics or mechanical meter
  • Streams
  • Rivers
  • Weir/Flume/Flow Meter Calibration
  • Sewers
  • Mining Channels
  • Irrigation Channels
Velocity Measurement
Accuracy+/-2% of reading +/-0.05 ft/s (+/-0.015 m/s) through the range 0 to 10 ft/s (0 to 3.04 m/s); +/-4% of reading from 10 to 16 ft/s. (3.04 to 4.87 m/s)
Zero Stability+/-0.05 ft/s (+/- 0.015 m/s)
Resolution0.01 value <100; 0.1 value <1000; 1.0 value > or = 1000
Range0 to +20 ft/s (0 to +6.09 m/s)
Depth Measurement
MethodDiaphragm type: Absolute pressure with single point calibration
Accuracy (static)The larger of +/- 2% of reading or +/- 0.504 in (0.015 m).
Steady state temperature and static non-flowing water.
Range0 to 10 ft (0 to 3.05 m)
Resolution0.01 value <100; 0.1 value <1000; 1.0 value > or = 1000
Minimum Water Depth1.25 in (3.18 cm)
Portable Meter
Battery TypeLithium-Ion, rechargeable
Battery Life18 hours heavy typical day use

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