Defiant Technologies FROG 5000 Portable GC PID Micro Gas Chromatagraph

The FROG-5000™ can detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air, water, and soil, delivering lab-quality results in less than 10 minutes. It is the only portable gas chromatograph that weighs less than 5lbs (2.2kgs).

The FROG-5000™ portable GC will detect chemicals as volatile as vinyl chloride in addition to semi-volatile organic compounds such as naphthalene. It can detect VOCs at sub-part-per-billion levels or at high part-per-million levels depending on its configuration.

FROG operators use it to determine trace amounts of suspected chemical contaminants without waiting for results from an offsite lab. Within ten minutes you’ll have an answer in the field and you’ll know how your cleanup is progressing. The FROG can help you correct the job and fix it on the spot!

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Additional Information

  • Chemical identification and concentration in under 10 minutes
  • VOC Detection in Air, Water or Soil
  • Included Software
  • Highly Portable Micro-GC Technology makes a FROG smaller than a laptop computer
  • No specialty gases required — never runs out of carrier gas in the field
  • Easy to program GC temperature profile
  • Simple calibration process
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • 9 Hour Battery Life
  • Battery-Life Indicator
  • Built-In Battery Charger
  • Quantitative results display on screen
  • Chromatograms display real-time on computer
  • Easy-to-use analysis software
  • Ability to Set Flows in Software
  • Simplified Air Sampler Installation
  • Easy to Access PID
  • Clearly Labeled Load/Analyze Valve Positions
  • Toggle Forward and Backward Through Results Display
  • Removable micro-SD Card for Fast Data Transfer


Chemical Detection RangeVinyl Chloride
(MW 62.5)
2-Methyl Napthalene
(MW 142.2)
Boiling Point @ 1 atm-13.3 °C244.7 °C
Vapor Pressure @ 25 °C2980 mmHg0.067 mmHg


Instrument Specifications
PID Lamp10.6 eV energy
GC Column5.2 meter
Weight4.8 lbs.
Dimensions11 x 7.75 x 12 inches
Battery LifeNine hours, or external power
InterfaceStandard RS-232 port


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