Demand for Thermal Cameras on the Rise

Many businesses are suffering under COVID-19 restrictions, but Amazon is thriving. Now that people are staying at home more and trying to avoid stores, they have shifted to online ordering, which has made Amazon warehouses busier than ever.

Since their employees are at work in the pandemic, Amazon has had to step up their worker protections, to keep people safe at warehouses. One of the company’s latest moves has been implementing temperature checks at some of its warehouses, using thermal cameras.

A post on the company’s blog said anyone who registers a temperature above 100.4F will be sent home and only allowed to return after they’ve been without a fever for three days. Using contactless thermal cameras to take temperatures allows management to streamline the process, making it safer and more efficient.

Venetian Resort in Las Vegas Set to Use Thermal Cameras

Most of the famed Las Vegas Strip is currently closed due to COVID-19, but the Venetian Resort has announced safety plans for its eventual reopening. The Venetian Clean Commitment includes several new initiatives specific to COVID-19, including using thermal cameras to perform temperature checks on all employees and guests, according to a statement on the company website.

Anyone with a temperature at or over than 100.4F will receive a second screening. If their temperature is still found to be at or above this level, they will receive further medical assessment and directed to proper care.

Demand for Thermal Cameras on the Rise

As businesses attempt to resume somewhat normal operations, they are ramping up safety practices to protect employees and customers. This is causing a surge in orders for thermal cameras, which is already presenting supply issues, according to Reuters.

Some companies are already having to prioritize customers such as hospitals, to make sure those who need these devices most can get them.

Other major employers testing out thermal cameras include Tyson Foods Inc and Intel Corp, who are working hard to keep factories safe for workers, according to Reuters. Currently, handheld thermometers are the most popular method used, but they’re much more time-consuming than thermal cameras.

Thinking about performing temperature checks at your business?

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