Multi Parameter Comparison – Find the Best Water Quality Meters

When it comes to multi-parameter water quality meters, not all devices are created equally. There’s a wide-variety of meters on the market to choose from, so it’s important to take the time to choose the one that is best equipped to meet your needs.

New technological advances have made way for the creation of water-quality instruments containing multiple sensors, with the ability to read a variety of field measurements, including water temperature, dissolved oxygen concentrations, specific electrical conductance, pH, oxidation-reduction potential, turbidity, and more.

Four Great Multi Parameter Water Quality Meters

Take any of the following multi-parameter water quality meters out into the field with you for results you can rely on:

  • smarTROLL MP Handheld: Marketed as “ideal for groundwater quality sampling and surface-water monitoring applications,” it can measure up to 14 parameters. This tech-savvy device uses the iSitu Application that runs on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, guiding you through spot checks, calibrations, and data management, eliminating the need to drag bulky equipment with you into the field. The included Low Flow Application makes Low Flow sampling easier than ever.
  • Myron 6P : Both Ultrameter II models are known for their performance of ±1% of reading ─ not simply full scale. The device can display values of up to 9999, delivering resolution levels never seen in instruments in its price range. Each Ultrameter II can be supplied with certification of traceability and NIST traceable solutions to provide definitive calibration.
  • YSI Professional Plus: Use this device to measure a variety of combinations for dissolved oxygen, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, resistivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, ORP, pH/ORP combination, and temperature. The YSI Professional Plus is tough enough to stand strong in the field, smart enough to offer countless tech-savvy features, and is incredibly versatile.
  • Horiba U-53-2: Known for exceeding expectations in the field testing of ground water and surface water applications, the Horiba U-53 contains intuitive software assuring ease of use and operation efficiency. The device measures and displays 10 parameters concurrently, complete with newly designed control unit and sensor technology.

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