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The Proactive™ Low Flow Sampling Controller is engineered specifically for the Standard Engineered Plastic line, which includes the Cyclone®, Mini-Typhoon®, Typhoon®, Tempest/Twister®, Mini-Monsoon, Super Twister®, Tornado®, Supernova 70™ and Abyss® pumps. With the Low Flow Sampling Controller the user can precisely control the water discharge with the turn of a knob. The Low Flow Sampling Controller is used to monitor and regulate low flow sampling as low as 40ml/min.

Simply connect a 12 volt battery to the pump and stand back for awesome pumping power!

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  • Advanced thermal overload protection
  • Heavy duty steel weatherproof case
  • 20 AMP “safety” fuse to protect electronics and user
  • 6 month parts and labor warranty
  • ‘Ramp Up’ control dial
  • 3 foot wire lead to battery clamps and 5 foot wire leads to pump connector
  • Steel handle for comfort and control