Eco-Rental Plus™ Rental Program

Have a longer term project? Does your company find itself renting the same equipment again and again, constantly scheduling pickup and deliveries and eagerly waiting for them to arrive in time?

Purchasing new equipment comes with all the headaches and added costs associated with upkeep and maintenance. Moreover, quite often you’ll end up renting anyway when the equipment has to be sent offsite for maintenance or repair.  

If you use the same equipment often but not every day, renting on a case-by-case basis isn’t always convenient and can be a stressful proposition if your projects are often subject to last minute changes.  

Fortunately there is a better, budget friendly solution.

The Eco-Rental Plus Rental Program™ combines all the benefits of renting with the convenience of having equipment on-hand and ready-to-go on short notice.

  • Significantly reduced monthly rental rates* while avoiding capital expenditure for new equipment
  • Quick replacement of malfunctioning instruments
  • No repair or maintenance costs (for standard wear and tear items)
  • Reduced or eliminated pickup and delivery costs
  • Fewer invoices to approve, sent on a consistent monthly schedule
  • Flexibility to upgrade to newer technology as it becomes available

* Durational commitment required. Programs are available for 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36+ month rentals

Rae Systems MiniRae 3000 PID

Honeywell RAE MiniRAE 3000

As low as $295/month*

Dust Monitor TSI 8530 DustTrak II

TSI DustTrak 8530

As low as $495/month*

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