Rent vs Buy

Environmental Monitoring : Renting and Purchasing

Determining whether it makes more sense to rent or purchase environmental monitoring equipment depends largely on your ability to provide the necessary upkeep and maintenance of the equipment on a regular basis.

Benefits of Rental Environmental Equipment

  • Fully deductible expense 
  • Maintenance and calibration included 
  • Replacements provided when instruments are being serviced 
  • Newer technology (If a newer model becomes available you can exchange)
  • No labor is required to manage instrumentation logistics and tracking
  • Satisfies temporary production increases, preserves capital in many cases.Instrumentation on demand usually no lead time.   

Benefits of Purchasing Environmental Equipment

Buying tends to be the best option if regularly used equipment can be maintained in house and on a 24/7 basis when required, Cost of capital expenditure is not limited.

What kind of access do you need to your environmental monitoring equipment?

  • ERS provides 24/7 pickup drop off access at each of its  locations.
  • We have a large fleet of instrumentation to handle the largest projects.
  • Much of our equipment is compatible with telemetry systems that centralize real time data and provide multiple users access to that information.

Choosing the right rental company

We provide our customers with a better rental experience by offering access to the newest and best maintained rental fleet in the industry at very competitive rates, supported by a knowledgeable staff of technicians to assist you in the field and keep your projects running. We are also a sales distributor for some of the most well-known manufacturers of environmental monitoring instrumentation and field supplies.