Celebrating Cleaner Schools in Pellston, Michigan

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5 Administrator, Debra Shore, joined forces with Michigan’s Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) Director, Phil Roos, to highlight investments in creating cleaner and greener schools in Pellston, Michigan. This event, aligned with President Biden’s “Investing in America” agenda, signifies a commitment to a healthier, more environmentally friendly future for students.

Clean School Buses for a Brighter Future

Administrator Debra Shore emphasized the significance of the Clean School Bus program and its role in the administration’s vision. Local leaders like Superintendent Stephen C. Seelye are pivotal in bringing these investments to communities.

The day began with Regional Administrator Shore’s interaction with students from Pellston Public School and representatives from the Michigan Clean School Bus Coalition, including Moms Clean Air Force. They explored the school’s eco-initiatives, such as a new solar canopy and hoop house. The event included the unveiling of Pellston Public School’s Air Quality Flag, symbolizing their commitment to monitoring and improving air quality.

Superintendent Stephen C. Seelye expressed gratitude for the partnership with EPA and the $1.58 million rebate, which funded four new electric school buses, enhancing clean energy initiatives.

The Transformative Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has played a transformative role in enhancing school transportation in Pellston. EPA’s provision of a $1.58 million rebate to Pellston Public Schools for four electric school buses is a remarkable outcome of this law. These electric buses are not just reducing emissions but also significantly improving air quality, creating a safer and more sustainable school transportation system. The law is indeed making a difference in communities, and its effects are felt deeply in Pellston.

Michigan: Leading the Charge in Electrification

Michigan’s commitment to cleaner school buses isn’t limited to Pellston; it extends to the state as a whole. Michigan is leading the charge in school bus electrification, setting an example for the rest of the nation. The $1.58 million rebate, funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, enabled the acquisition of four electric school buses in Pellston, which came online in January 2023. Michigan’s dedication to cleaner school buses is commendable, and it’s backed by tangible actions that are making a real impact on the ground.

Promise of a Greener Tomorrow

EPA is dedicated to promoting cleaner school transportation, and it’s evident in its commitment to the Clean School Bus Program. The agency plans to announce more selectees from the $400 million Clean School Bus grant competition soon. The focus is on ensuring that Clean School Bus funding reaches schools that need it the most, with a particular emphasis on underserved and Tribal communities. This initiative encompasses both bus and infrastructure costs for all awardees, aiming to create a greener and more sustainable tomorrow for students across the nation.

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