Receive Factory Calibrated Equipment from ERS

Mobilizing for and conducting major environmental monitoring and remediation projects consumes a significant amount of time, energy and financial resources. Since the data you spend so much time and effort to collect is only as good as the instrument’s calibration, it may be worth asking your current equipment rental supplier to confirm how the equipment they are sending to you is calibrated or certified.

To ensure compliance and the integrity of instrument data, some instrumentation should only be calibrated by the manufacturer. These calibrations and certifications are very expensive. For that reason, many low-cost environmental equipment rental suppliers attempt to perform them in-house or outsource the procedure to a third party other than the equipment manufacturer, if they complete them at all.

Eco-Rental Solutions does not cut corners.  We recognize the importance of having manufacturers perform certain annual calibrations and certifications.  They have the proprietary calibration equipment and only they can evaluate critical component processes and function adequately. The extra cost to have these procedures completed properly is well worth the peace-of-mind we pass along to our customers that the equipment we send them has been properly maintained, calibrated and certified.

When you rent the equipment listed below from Eco-Rental Solutions you’ll receive a factory calibration certificate with our equipment, each-and-every time. If you’re not already renting this equipment from us, it may be worth asking your current supplier if they can provide you with the same.

Factory Calibrated and/or Factory Certified Equipment

Arizona Instruments Jerome Mercury Vapor Analyzers

Thermo Fisher pDR-1500 Personal Aerosol Monitors

Arizona Instruments Jerome Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzers

Thermo Fisher ADR-1500 Area Dust Monitor

Bios Defender Primary Air Flow Calibrators

TSI DustTrak Series Dust & Aerosol Monitors

Casella CEL Sound Level Meters & Noise Dosimeters

TSI SidePak Personal Aerosol Monitors

Fluke Power Loggers

TSI AeroTrak & P-Trak Particle Counters

Instantel Vibration Monitors

TSI AccuBalance Air Capture Hoods

Ludlum 2241 Digital Scaler-Ratemeters

TSI VelociCalc Ventilation Meters

Sensidyne Go-Cal

TSI PortaCount Respirator Fit Testers

Testo Model 350 Combustion Analyzers

TSI Quest Sound Level Meters & Noise Dosimeters

Have an upcoming project perimeter dust monitoring project? Do you place value in knowing that your equipment has been properly calibrated and maintained?  Give us a call at (855) 326-7368 or email us at for a quote.