EPA Allocates $300,000 in Brownfield Grants to Springfield, Mo.

Springfield, Mo. is getting a cleanup. In April, the Environmental Protection Agency revealed it had selected 144 communities to receive Brownfields environmental Assessment, Revolving Loan Fund, and Cleanup grants.

A total of $54.3 million in funding will be allocated across 221 grants to help assess, clean up, and redevelop underutilized properties in a manner conducive to the public health. As one of the recipients, Springfield will receive $300,000 in assessment grants. Under the terms of the project, 30 environmental site assessments will be conducted and 10 cleanup plans will be created.

The grant money will also fund community meetings to inform residents about the Brownfields actions taking place in their city. All assessment activities will center on Historic Route 66, along the corridors of College Street and Kearney Street.

EPA Brownfields Grants in Springfield

The latest round of EPA Brownfields grants is certainly exciting for Springfield, but the city is no stranger to funding of this sort. Prior to this most recent grant, the city had received more than $5.6 million from the Brownfields program, dating back to 1999.

Since 1999, Springfield has conducted roughly 100 environmental assessments, designed to redevelop properties and improve quality of life. Some of the past Brownfields grants have included:

  • $200,000 Brownfields Assessment Demonstration Pilot Grant. Received in 1999, this grant assessed properties within the 250-acre downtown Jordan Creek Corridor.
  • $150,000 Brownfields Assessment Grant. Awarded in 2003, this grant assessed additional Brownfields properties within the 250-acre Jordan Valley Park.
  • $300,000 Brownfields Assessment Grant. Bestowed in 2004, this grant — $150,000 was allotted for hazardous substances and $150,000 for petroleum — funding Phase I and II assessments, remediation planning, and community outreach.

EPA Brownfields Grant Funding

The EPA Brownfields program provides a variety of grants to help communities cleanup and safely reuse previously contaminated properties. Here’s a look at the different type of grants that fall under the program.

  • Assessment Grants. Finances Brownfields inventories, planning, environmental assessments and community outreach.
  • Revolving Loan Fund Grants. Provides financial backing to capitalize loans used for Brownfields cleanup efforts.
  • Cleanup Grants. Funds cleanup activities at Brownfields sites owned by the applicant.
  • Area-Wide Planning Grants. Provides financial support to communities for the research, planning, and development of implementation strategies to clean up and reviving Brownfields sites.
  • Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training Grants. Funds the environmental training for people who reside in Brownfields communities.
  • State and Tribal Response Program Grants. Offers non-competitive funding to create or improve State and Tribal Brownfields response programs.

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