Geotech SS GeoSub Added To Eco-Rental Fleet!

The recent announcement by Grundfos to discontinue production of Redi-Flo2 electric submersible pumps has left many environmental professionals wondering what to use as their sampling requirements continue but the availability of the pumps becomes more and more scarce.

While no commercially available electric submersible pump completely fills the gap left behind by RediFlo2, the Geotech SS GeoSub will sample in the harshest of conditions and may suit many applications in which the RediFlo2 had previously been used. In fact, the GeoSub may even be better option in some cases because the user can utilize a drop-tube to sample in much greater depths than were possible with the RediFlo2.

Click here for more information on the Geotech SS GeoSub pump and controller available from Eco-Rental Solutions.