7 Uses for Thermal Cameras

Most objects are not the same temperature as those surrounding them. A thermal camera has the ability to identify the slightest differences in the infrared energy emitted by objects. The device gathers the infrared radiation from objects in its presence and uses it to generate an electronic image based on their temperature differences. Consequently, a thermal camera has the capacity to detect objects that cannot be uncovered by a standard camera or seen with the human eye.

7 Uses for Thermal Cameras

Thinking of renting or purchasing a thermal camera?
Learn seven innovative uses for these devices.

    1. Safeguarding Air Quality

      Thermal cameras have the ability to monitor existing air quality and internal systems for removing chemicals to make sure they’re working properly. These devices have the ability to identify dozens of unstable organic compounds that are otherwise difficult to spot.

    2. Gauging Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance

      Inspectors and maintenance engineers use thermal imaging cameras to find defects in machinery, power grids, heat leaks in windows and doors, mold issues, water leakage and other machinery issues.

    3. Measuring Quantities in Drums and Buckets

      It is possible to use thermal cameras to identify the amount of liquids and solids in containers. Image accuracy depends on the material and storage conditions.

    4. Scanning Large Areas

      Environmental agencies have placed thermal cameras on helicopters to monitor large areas for gas and chemical emissions ─ including following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

    5. Verifying Building Safety

      Building inspectors have increasingly begun to use thermal imaging cameras to gauge the condition of a property’s insulation, uncover energy waste, find leaks, identify electrical issues and pinpoint the entry point of moisture inflows.

    6. Detecting Objects at Night

      Thermal cameras are ideal for use in dark environments, as they can penetrate through smoke, haze, fog and darkness to identify objects that are otherwise difficult to spot.

    7. Monitoring Temperature of Landfill Gas Extraction Wells

      Remote temperature monitoring for landfill gas extraction wells can be completed using thermal cameras.

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