Renewable Energy Jargon You Need to Know

Are you having a little trouble deciphering the language of renewable energy? If so, you’re not alone. This field is filled with highly technical terms and jargon ─ many of which sound very similar.

Brush up on these ten popular terms so you’ll be in-the-know the next time they’re brought up in conversation:

  1. Cavity Wall: Found in most homes built since the 1920s, this refers to an external wall made of two layers with a gap ─ or cavity ─ in between.
  2. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC): Required by all homes bought, sold, or rented, an EPC rates the energy efficiency of a building on a scale of A to G. It also offers information on ways to improve the energy efficiency, and the level you would attain if you put the measures in action.
  3. Green Deal Installer: A professional accredited to install at least one type of green measure.
  4. Green Deal Provider: Authorized providers who arrange Green Deal Plans, offer financial backing, and organize the installation of arranged energy improvements through a licensed installation professional.
  5. Immersion Heaters: While frequently used in night-storage heaters, immersion heaters can also be used to heat water from solar PV. Water can also be heated in a home without a boiler using an immersion heater, which heats water in a cylinder ─ typically with one on top and one on the bottom.
  6. kWh: A kilowatt hour is a unit used to measure energy. Kilowatt hours are used to determine the amount of electricity bills.
  7. Microgeneration: When individuals, businesses, and communities generate heat or power using renewable or low carbon means, the process is known as microgeneration.
  8. Programmer: Programmer references the ability to set the on/off times for your heating and hot water.
  9. Retro-fit: The process of installing new products in an existing house, rather than in new construction.
  10. Trickle ventilation: A very small opening allowing a small amount of ventilation to take place when doors and windows are shut.

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