Rent Portable Gas Chromatograph

PetroPRO is an instrinsically safe, portable gas chromatograph (GC) designed for the petroleum industry for benzene and BTEX analysis. The field proven technology is based on five generations of photoionization detectors. PetroPRO gas chromatograph has a wide dynamic range, spanning multiple decades. The instrument canister is available in two models, the Canister model for carbon canister testing and Fence Line model for perimeter monitoring.

  • Instrinsically safe
  • Simple to operate – no method programming or complex integration
  • No setup required – factory programmed with the GC method and compound library
  • Quick to quantify-direct read display with compound name and concentration
  • Petroleum products tank entry
  • Emergency response
  • Site assessment
  • Fence line monitoring
  • Carbon canister assessment
  • Transportation vessels
  • Confined space entry


Specifications (PDF)

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