Rent the YSI EXO Water Quality Meter!

Rent YSI EXO1 Water Quality Sonde

The EXO advanced water quality monitoring platform includes the versatile multiparameter EXO1 sonde for estuarine, surface water, or ground water applications.


  • High-accuracy sensors with on-board memory
  • Wireless communications
  • Fast response times for profiling and sampling
  • Seamless integration into marine, estuarine, freshwater and ground water monitoring systems
  • Smart Sondes and Sensors
  • Extremely versatile instrument, allowing the user to configure a sonde with different sensor for different applications in minutes


The EXO1 with  
  • 4 sensor ports
  • Integral pressure transducer
  • 1 peripheral port for power communication
  • Depth: 820 ft, 250 m


Medium Fresh, sea or polluted water
Temperature Operating
-5 to +50°C
-20 to +80°C

Bluetooth wireless technology; USB cable
RS-485, RS-232, SDI-12

Software KOR®
Dimensions Diameter
Length, no depth

1.85 in, 4.70 cm

25.50 in, 64.77 cm

1.42 kg, 3.15 lbs (batteries and sensors installed)

Power External
9 to 16.5 V DC
2 D-size alkaline batteries
Memory   512 MB; >1,000,000 logged readings
Ratings   CE, UL, RoHS, WEEE


Product Manual (PDF)
Specifications (PDF)