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We are passionate about the environmental testing equipment and instrumentation business! We've started this company because we want to be able to provide our customers better equipment rental service, better equipment, and still maintain a competitive rate. We offer the best environmental testing instruments to reliably provide quality data in the rigorous environment of field use. So whether you need to test air quality, perform soil testing, water conditions, etc, we make sure every instrument is properly maintained and calibrated to meet manufacturers' specifications. Let us provide your company an efficient, user-friendly rental and sales process that will save you time and money. We now have 4 locations in New York, Missouri, and California that service the entire United States.

Analyzing the Gender Gap in Environmental Engineering

In 2008, 41 percent of incoming college freshmen males intended to study science and engineering, compared with just 30 percent of females, according to the National Science Foundation’s Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering report. 

How to Monitor Your Indoor Air Quality

Is the air in your home and office clean and healthy to breathe? If you think air pollution only occurs outside, you’re sadly mistaken. Indoor pollution sources, such as oil, gas, coal, wood, cleaning products, and so much more release gas or particles into the air, making it unsafe. 

Learn About Lead - What are the Risks and How Can You Take Care of It?

Lead is a naturally occurring element with many beneficial uses. However, it can be extremely toxic to humans and animals, causing a number of serious health problems.
This chemical element is found in our water, soil, and air. In fact, it’s probably even in your home, as lead and components of lead have been used to create countless household products such as paint, cosmetics, gasoline, pipes, ammunition, and ceramics.
Risks Associated with Lead